1st Annual 

Our FIRST Annual FLAT & fabulous VIRTUAL 5K!

We are having a Virtual 5K on 5/5! That's right! Cinco de Mayo! We will let our Fabulous Flags Fly for fun! Empower yourself and join this Event! It's simple and free! Run your 5K wherever you are on 5/5!


All are welcome! Flatties, Foobies or Foobfree and any combination of the two! This is the FIRST ever event of its kind! Women with mastectomies, women who deconstructed - this is the event for you!


Flaunt Your Flat! Be yourself! Drop the Foobs and run! It's good for you and it makes you feel good too! 


Join the Flat & Fabulous Facebook Group if you haven't already! Invite your Flat & Fab Friends!