Our annual FLAT & fabulous VIRTUAL 5K is an event created by co-founder Barbie Ritzco - not only did she inspire us to embrace our strength and empower ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves - she strongly believed in the healing power of movement. We will continue our annual tradition, dedicating it to her and taking time  to remember the impact she had and continues to have - doing so on her birthday.


We miss you every day  - you will always be in our hearts!


About our Virtual 5K:

What is a virtual 5K?

A virtual 5K is a race that can be run at any location. You can walk, bike, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race.  You can run your race at your pace wherever you like.


Who can participate?

ANYone! EVERYone!  There is no age limit and there are no restrictions.  So run, jog, walk, crawl, run alone, run in a group, run with your pet, bike, hike,  it doesn’t matter. Just get out there and get moving!


What do I receive?

When you register:

  • You will receive (via email used during PayPal checkout) your unique race bib to print and use on race day. 

  • You will receive a special medal - it is engraved with the event, month & year, with "In honor of Barbie Ritzco" on the back! (Your medal will be mailed out within 45 days of completion of the race.)

  • Your results will be posted on our website! This will require you to send us an email (use our contact form) within a week of the race letting us know what you did (run, walk, bike, etc) and the time you did it in. 


Do I have to register to participate?

No! The goal of our virtual 5k is to get moving and have fun doing it! We think you will love our take-aways - especially the fabulous medal! However, we would still LOVE for you to join us - you can even send us a photo of you participating and we may use it on our website!


What is the cost?

The cost to register is $20 for US residents and $30 for all non-US residents. This is collected via PayPal - you do not have to have a PayPal account, PayPal accepts all major credit cards 


Where does the money go?

The money is used to cover the costs of the take-aways and shipping your medal. Any remainder will go back into FLAT & fabulous and furthering our mission.


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