Sara's thoughts:

Leading up to this day, I had so much anxiety. Who am I to think I can start a photo project? I'm an amateur photographer and part-time advocate. Yet, my mind kept turning back to Barbie. We probably would not have met if either one of us had backed out of participating in The SCAR Project. And then where would Flat & Fabulous be?

The shoot happened shortly after the first year of her passing. It also happened to be her birthday. The day was somber yet hopeful. As I thought of the ways both Barbie and I had been forever changed by having our photos taken, I focused my intention on providing an empowering experience for Pat.

The three of us were grappling with the ways cancer infects our lives. We each shared where we were at, how we came to understand the pillaging of cancer. Then, we focused on capturing the beauty that remains in the wreckage.

I am so grateful Pat trusted Heather and me, complete strangers until this moment, to share her reality. The day was intense, beautiful and healing. The three of us were destined to kick off this project together. Much love~Sara

A letter from Pat:

Like the day I met you, I just don't have the words to say thank you for the gifts you've given me. The day of the photo shoot changed me in a way that nothing and no one has been able to my whole life.

The unspoken understanding and love, not to mention the unconditional acceptance, will be with me the rest of my life. 

I've always been working on my self-esteem. That day, the times I'm on the website, your gifts and Barbie's shine bright and touch my soul. Bringing me a sense of confidence, strength and courage to stand tall in the skin I'm in and be proud with where I am each given moment.

My hope is that others are able to receive even a small part of those gifts by sharing our pictures. 

Thank you! Forever & always, with much gratitude and love, Pat