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How to Engage with the Family CMO on Social Media

Brent Walker, July 2015


Female consumers report a lack of confidence in their own healthcare decisions and in the advice given to them by their providers. How can we, as an industry, address that barrier to effective care delivery?


15 Tattoos That Transformed Breast Cancer Scars into Works of Art

Ryan Ford, June 2015


There are few events in life that match the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis on a woman's life. It's seldom a cancer women can weather privately, as it attacks in intimate, yet obvious ways. Now, many breast cancer survivors are reclaiming their bodies with beauty and strength with tattoos. 

An Inspiration, A Legacy: Barbie Ritzco

Life Chest, May 2015


Barbie Ritzco was an American Hero, not only for serving her country in a military sense, but for being able to publicized her battle with breast cancer, her mastectomy, and her courage to go without reconstruction.

These women used social media to reclaim their bodies

Rebecca Ruiz, March 2015


“The moment I had my reconstruction removed, it was almost like a switch went off in my head...I will never fit into society’s expectation of what a woman should be, and I’m free. That was so empowering.”.

A Breast Cancer Previvor Decides Not to Get Reconstruction

C. Kramer, January 2015


Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton was 29 when she found out she carried the BRCA2 gene mutation — and what she did with that information shocked the people around her. 

Facebook for the Sake of Humanity: The Year's Most Heartwarming Stories Pt.2

Elliot, December 2014


Facebook and Twitter are often the subject of debate. Here's to the stories that mattered. To the cases where social media drove humanity to its finer hours.

The Most Incredible Facebook Miracles of 2014

Nicole Nguyen, December 2014


Facebook connects over 1 billion humans on one platform. This year, some of those humans experienced little social media miracles that impacted their lives in a big way. 

Tattoo Artist Vinnie Myers Creates 3D Illusion Nipple Tattoos

Lucia Peters, November 2014


Article highlighting the extraordinary work of Vinnie Myers' nipple tattoos

Not your average Facebook story

Christi Paul, October 2014


Founder Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton interviewed on HLN

Life Interrupted

Darryle Pollack, October 2014


Darryle writes about her impressions of October and the death of FLAT & fabulous founder, Barbie Ritzco.

Thedra Cullar-Ledford: Perfect, With Or Without A Bra

Richardine Bartee, November 2014


An interview with Thedra Cullar-Ledford, one of our FLAT & fabulous sisters and her amazing artwork.


Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton, October 2014


A guest post by founder discussing what the month of October represents and the loss of her partner and co-founder, Barbie Ritzco.

Inspiring FB story

Yasmin Vossoughian, October 2014


Facebook Stories compiles stories that are so inspirational, and it causes people from all over the world to connect... and then extraordinary things start to happen.