Surgical Outcomes

I asked members of our closed group to share a photograph of their mastectomy. I think it's important that we share our reality in hopes of addressing the vast differences in outcomes we are seeing. It is discouraging to continue to see our FLAT & fabulous sisters receive less than optimal surgical outcomes. Especially when considering often times, a woman may choose no reconstruction because she does not want multiple surgeries - when left with extra skin, she is then faced with deciding whether or not to have surgery again to achieve the results originally requested.

We implore our doctors to treat us with the same care and consideration they would a woman choosing reconstruction. Do NOT leave extra skin because you believe we will change our mind down the road. Please choose to take pride in your work with us too and choose to do your best work in getting us flat.


If you are a waiting for your mastectomy surgery, we have created a few documents you may want to read through and, potentially, take with you to your surgeon. Please feel free to print any of these photographs below and say "do this" or "do not do this". Sometimes, a visual representation will help your doctor listen to you.

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Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton

& Barbie Ritzco

If you are living without reconstruction after mastectomy, join our closed group:

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